Soak Away Kit


This soak away kit provides you with all the necessary products to install a soak away. Excavate a hole where water is collecting in your garden that is deep enough to fully cover the pump provided, leaving only the lid on show. Also the area around the pump should be excavated to allow the area to be filled with the 20mm limestone provided to allow the water thats held in the garden . This will create an 'easy passage' for the water to transfer into the land drainage pump. The MDPE is to be buried underground out of sight and ran to somewhere that will drain away the water naturally. 

This kit supplies you with :
Automatic Land Drainage Pump x 1
20mm Limestone Bulk Bag x 1
MDPE Water Pipe 25mm x 20
MDPE 90° Bend x 1
MDPE Insert x 3

Buying this Soak away kit gives you 10% discount of the individual products.