Our top 5 decorative aggregates!

Our top 5 decorative aggregates!

During the COVID 19 pandemic we have experienced a sharp increase in decorative aggregate sales. We have narrowed down to our top 5 decorative aggregates. Any of these products will bring a new lease of life to any area.

5 - Pea Gravel - Staffordshire pink 10/20mm. Pea gravel is a popular decorative aggregate and can easily brighten up any garden. This aggregate is particularly useful for driveways and pathway and are an attractive alternative, or to compliment, other stones and gravel. Many of our customers have used pea gravel for water features, borders and garden rockeries to add extra style and create that wow factor in the garden. This decorative aggregate is perfect for DIY and trade users. VIEW HERE


4 - Golden Gravel 10/20mm. Golden Gravel is sure to finish off any project that you have. This popular gravel has a mixture of brown, gold, yellow and cream and is an ideal solution for landscaping. Ideal for paths driveways and borders. VIEW HERE


3 - Black Ice 20mm. 20mm Black ice is a blend of angular black , grey blue and white stones. This decorative aggregate is a popular choice from our customers. It makes a great addition to any garden and looks amazing all year round. 20mm Black ice is available in 850KG Bulk bags and ready for delivery. This product is sized from 20mm down. VIEW HERE


2 - Blue Slate 20/40mm. This is a crushed material manufactured from the spoil heaps which have accumulated over the years in the slate mines. Slate is a metamorphic rock which is made of of a combination of minerals including quartz. It is very hard material and it stands up to the elements very well. It can be used for landscaping projects, mulch, paths and drives. The material is also inert, so it is safe for use around water features and will not alter the ph value of the water. The material is very flat which means it is ideal for covering large areas easily, it is not prone to moving around like some of the pea gravels. VIEW HERE


1 - Scottish pebbles 14-20 / 20-30mm. Scottish Pebbles look superb placed around garden features, beds and borders, paths, patio areas and water features. This is our number one selling decorative aggregate. VIEW HERE

Scottish cobbles pcrs



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