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FUGA-PAVE ABC is now available to purchase from us at Pure Clean Rental Solutions. A new 3 part system for professionals to use when installing porcelain paving, natural stone, concrete flags and cobbles. FUGA-PAVE consists of 3 parts. Part A is a hybrid mortar cement, Part B is a slurry primer and Part C is a hybrid grout. The system offers many benefits the main one being this system is upto 60% stronger than traditional methods. 

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4 products found in FUGA-PAVE ABC System

FUGA-PAVE Part C - Flex CH Grout
  • From £13.99
FUGA-PAVE Part B - Slurry Primer
  • £29.99
Raimondi Pedalo Large Floor Washboy Kit
  • £212.88
FUGA-PAVE Part A - Hybrid Mortar
  • £7.34