All about FUGA-PAVE ABC installation system

FUGA-PAVE ABC is now available to purchase from us at Pure Clean Rental Solutions. A new 3 part system for professionals to use when installing porcelain paving, natural stone, concrete flags and cobbles. FUGA-PAVE consists of 3 parts. Part A is a hybrid mortar cement, Part B is a slurry primer and Part C is a hybrid grout. The system offers many benefits the main one being this system is upto 60% stronger than traditional methods. 

Part A - Hybrid Mortar

Formulated to be mixed with clean grit sand to provide a solution for laying all types of paving. This can be used with both hardcore (MOT) and solid bases. Part A is a combination of specially formulated additives and fibers that give superior bond strength over traditional portland cement and sand mortar mixes. It also improves the overall performance, workability and freeze/thaw resistance. 

Easy to Mix - Part A is simply mixed with clean grit sand and water! No need for anymore additives. It is mixed to a ration of 3 buckets of grit sand to 1 bag of hybrid cement. The cement has everything it needs to achieve a solid bed. 

Coverage - Each 12.5KG bag when mixed with grit sand will cover 2m² at a minimum depth of 25mm.

Economic - Around 20% cheaper than traditional methods with the added performance.

Easy to apply - It trowels well with a smooth creamy feel. No sagging or slumping and does not ooze!

Permeable - Important for stone and concrete paving installations. It allows for a quicker curing time and far less chance of moisture migration.

Part B - Slurry Primer

Formulated to work with FUGA-PAVE part A. It also contains fibre reinforcement and polymer additives to promote a high bond strength and fixing of porcelain and other low absorption paving to any base.

Creates a very strong monolithic bond between the paving and base.

Coverage - Each 20KG bag when mixed with water will cover upto 28m²

Easy to use - simply mix with water.

Easy to apply - can be brushed, poured or trowelled on to the paving.

Part C - Flex CH Grout

Completing the ABC system the Flex CH grout is the icing on the cake.

Available in 20KG bags or 5KG tubs.

Coverage - Each 20KG bag when mixed with water will cover upto 30m² with a 5mm joint.

Can be used in joints from 2mm to 20mm. External and Internal use.

Easy to apply and wash off the surface of the paving.

Long-lasting and naturally anti-bacterial allowing easy cleaning and maintenance.

Available in 5 colours - Light Grey, Medium Grey, Anthracite, Limestone and Jasmin.

and we have saved the best till last. ZERO Efflorescence!

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