Automatic Land Drainage Pump


The Barrel & Pump is used to solve drainage problems in gardens, cellars or driveways where no fall to surface drain or soakaway is available by submerging the barrel underground where water struggles to drain away and it automatically removes it from the flooded area using a pump fitted with a float switch. If the Barrel is linked up to an outlet pipe the water can be drawn off and used to water gardens, allotments and so on. Please note the water is NOT suitable to be used as drinking water.

Simple to install
Water can be pumped up to 200 meters
Lid gives easy access to pump for simple servicing in future years

Water can be used in other areas of the garden for watering plants 
 Float switch pump (240 Volt)
10 meter cable domestic plug
Outlet 25mm plastic pipe
Size of barrel: 660mm tall
Drain cover size: 325 x 325mm