Erguo S1 Portable Lifting Attachment for GRABO


Creating a portable heavy lifting gadget has the goal of reducing fatigue or accidents at work. Your back may suffer if you spend a lot of time bending over to lift heavy objects while working long days. The Erguo S1 portable lifting attachment is to prevent this scenario.

The ergonomically created attachment enables the user to stand upright while using the GRABO tool. The tool's 4 lifting lugs adjacent to the grab handles are the perfect size to accommodate the attachment. To lift your material, all you need to do is activate the GRABO tool, lift and position the materials, and then quickly release the tool from the material - all without leaning over. The handle bar's actuator aids in managing the functions.


L x W x H 24.5 x 8 x 4.5” (620 x 200 x 113 mm)
Weight 2 Lbs (~0.75 kg)
Material 10.1 Kg (22 lbs)
Color Black Anodize
Max. Lifting Weight 265 Lbs
Features Remote ON-OFF Lever