Ex Rental Camon SG30 Stump Grinder


Ex Rental Camon SG30 Stump Grinder. The stump grinder is ideal for removing stumps of any diameter. larger stumps just take longer to remove. it is small enough to allow access into even the smallest areas and will fit down the side of most houses. The maximum grinding height above ground is 56cm and it will grind 33cm below ground.  

Specification -  

  • Engine - Honda GX390 petrol  
  • Fuel tank capacity - 6.1 L 
  • Fuel consumption - 3.5L per Hour  
  • Working height - 56cm above ground 
  • Working depth - 33cm below ground  
  • number of cutting teeth - 8 
  • weight - 135kg 
  • Length - 1900mm 
  • Width - 630mm 
  • Height - 1260mm