Grabo Battery-Powered Vacuum Lifter


Tired of handling awkward materials?


The Grabo can help, Pure Clean Rental Solutions are now offering the sale and rental of the Grabo, Grabo Plus, Spares and Accessories. A revolutionary way to lift and handle Indian Sandstone, Porcelain Paving, Concrete, Plywood, Timber and much more. Able to lift wet, rough and porous materials. Since we took delivery of the Grabo we haven't put it down. We keep trying to lift anything and everything. 

What's included?

Grabo Plus - 

1 x Grabo vacuum lifter with pressure gauge 
1 x Zipped Fabric Bag
1 x Batteries
1 x Charger
1 x Spare Seal
1 x Spare Filter
12 Months Warranty