Minster Rustic - Porcelain Paving


Drawing inspiration from the captivating bronze and copper shades found in oxidized slate, and boasting a riven surface texture, the earthy tones of these tiles are essential for a refined and timeless patio, terrace, or pathway. These tiles are easy to maintain, featuring a slip-resistant surface and natural-looking shade variations on each tile, creating a remarkably genuine and enviable outdoor setting. The diverse patterns and large-format design ensure an eye-catching backdrop for your garden entertainment area. As a member of our exterior porcelain collection, Minster tiles are frost-resistant, durable, and offer excellent slip resistance, making them the ultimate choice for exterior applications.

Introducing Pure Clean Rental Solutions' new line of porcelain paving, which offers numerous advantages over traditional concrete or sandstone paving. Porcelain is a cutting-edge and increasingly popular product in the UK market, thanks to its fully vitrified composition that allows for less than 0.05% water absorption. This feature grants these pavers an array of benefits in comparison to natural stone, including:

• Low Maintenance
• Frost Resistance
• Algae and Mildew Resistance
• Stain Resistance
• High Load Capacity
• Easy Cleaning
• No Sealing Required
• Slip-Resistant Surface
• Scratch Resistance
• Resistance to Color Fade

900x600x20mm - (895x595x20mm)
Per Box: 0.54M² - 1 Tile
Per Pallet: 16.2M² - 30 Tiles

Please note that there may be slight shade variations across different batches if you place orders on separate dates.

Due to the porcelain paving production process, the heating and cooling stages can cause the tile edges to bow slightly. Although manufacturers strive to minimize bowing, it remains an unavoidable occurrence. We encourage you to read the attached page HERE, which explains how to reduce lippage and ensure the best possible finish for your project.