Ox FFP2 Moulded Cup Respirator 3pk


The OX FFP2 Moulded Cup Respirator is designed to offer low breathing resistance. The respirator would be used by a mixture of trade professionals and home DIY users. The respirator has an adjustable noise piece so you can mould it to any shape of nose. The respirator has an inner foam that provides a comfortable custom seal. It is designed to protect against moderate levels of airborne dust and liquid aerosols. It can be used in construction but also in the agricultural industry for hay fever. The FFP2 rating ensures that this mask provides a higher level of protection than the FFP1. Supplied as a single unit.

Features and Benefits:

  • High level of protection – the FFP2 rating overs the user a high level of protection.
  • Maintenance free – Mask can be used from the moment it is opened.
  • Double strap - GIves the user the full assurance that it wont come off whilst you are working.

Technical Specification:

Protection: Level 10.
Rating: FFP2

Supplied With:

1x OX FFP2 Moulded Cup Respirator 3 pk