OX Tools Tuff Carbon Basic Colour and Graphite Lead 10pk


The 10pk of OX Tuff Carbon – Basic Colour & Graphite Lead is an essential set to a professional woodworker or DIY enthusiast due to its durability and ability to write on almost any surface. Whether you are aiming to mark wet or dry surfaces, this pack of lead replacements can do the job for you and are damply wipeable. The pack includes three high-visibility colours of lead replacements for the OX Tuff Carbon pencil with the carbon lead being 2.8mm long. Also, they are ideal for deep hole marking as well as general-purpose construction marking, making for a great versatile product.

Features and Benefits:

  • Tuff carbon writes on almost any surface
  • Damp wipeable for convenience
  • Basic colours and graphite included for different uses

Technical Specification:

Diameter of lead: 2.8mm

Supplied With:

6 x basic carbon pencil lead replacements
4 x graphite carbon pencil lead replacement