11MM FSC OSB 3 Board 2440 x 1220MM (8' x 4') BBA

11X2440X1220 FSC OSB BBA 3 BOARD

Engineered for high performance, our OSB3 is a robust wood panel that stands out for its superior strength and consistency. Produced by compressing thin wood strands with a waterproof adhesive, our OSB3 sheets offer exceptional resistance to moisture, varied weather conditions, and intense load pressure - qualities that make them a top-notch construction material in the market.

Key Features of our OSB3 Sheets:

  1. High-Quality Material: Our OSB3 sheets feature sustainable, ethically sourced wood strands, arranged and bonded with top-grade waterproof adhesive. This yields a durable and reliable building material equipped to handle heavy loads.

  2. Unrivalled Durability: Enjoy the exceptional durability and warping resistance of our OSB3 sheets, a popular choice for load-bearing applications even in humid and changing climates. Benefit from its high strength-to-weight ratio that provides remarkable rigidity and stability.

  3. Versatility for Multiple Projects: With the ability to be cut, drilled, or sanded, our OSB3 sheets are perfect for a variety of construction projects - from wall and roof sheathing to flooring and other structural applications. Their uniform composition guarantees reliable performance, irrespective of the orientation.

  4. Moisture Resistant OSB3 Sheets: Our OSB3 panels are crafted with water-resistant glue, enabling them to withstand occasional exposure to moisture. This makes them ideal for applications that may encounter damp or humid conditions.

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