FUGA-PAVE Part C - Flex CH Grout

Available in 20KG bags or 5KG tubs 

Part C - Flex CH Grout

Completing the ABC system the Flex CH grout is the icing on the cake.

Available in 20KG bags or 5KG tubs.

Coverage - Each 20KG bag when mixed with water will cover upto 30m² with a 5mm joint.

Can be used in joints from 2mm to 20mm. External and Internal use.

Easy to apply and wash off the surface of the paving.

Long-lasting and naturally anti-bacterial allowing easy cleaning and maintenance.

Available in 5 colours - Light Grey, Medium Grey, Anthracite, Limestone and Jasmin.

and we have saved the best till last. ZERO Efflorescence!

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