Marshalls Symphony Urban Clay 800x800mm Porcelain - Clearance

We have surplus stock available from a recent project where the customer over-ordered. These are new, unlaid tiles. The original packaging was removed as the cardboard had degraded over time. We have a limited quantity of 54 tiles, each measuring 800x800x20mm. Together, they cover an area of 34.56m² (calculated as 54 tiles x 0.64m² per tile). Typically, these tiles sell for over £60 per m² online. Our offer price is nearly £15 per m² less, representing significant savings.

Symphony urban vitrified porcelain paving from Marshalls is designed to create a contemporary and industrial look. They are cut to a precise and consistent size during production ensuring all the tiles are identical, giving you perfect clean lines and narrow joints for a modern finish. 

Porcelain paving has many benefits as apposed to concrete or sandstone paving. Porcelain is a new, popular product to the UK market. The porcelain is fully vitrified which allows for less than 0.05% water absorption. This benefit allows these pavers to have many more advantages than natural stone. Some of the many benefits are listed below. 

• Low Maintenance 
• Frost Resistance
• Resistance to algae and mildew
• Stain Resistance 
• High load capacity
• Easy to clean
• No need for sealing
• Slip resistant surface
• Resistance to scratches
• Resistance to colour fade

The price shown is per tile and excludes VAT.