Ox Pro Heavy Duty Fixed Blade Folding Knife

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The OX Pro Heavy Duty Fixed Blade Folding Knife offers quick fold action, ultra sharp steel blades and a strong lightweight construction that makes cutting materials easy. Enjoy tool-free blade change with an easy change blade button pointer that allows it to lock in four different positions and a blade storage compartment in its handle allows you to store up to x3 replaceable blades. It has a built-in notch for stripping wire and straps, lanyard eyelet for tethering and a sturdy belt hook on reverse. Its ergonomic handle comes with a notched thumb rest for an enhanced grip.

Features and Benefits:

  • Ultra sharp steel blades
  • Easy change blade button pointer locks in four positions
  • Blade storage compartment in handle and includes x3 replaceable blades
  • Strong lightweight construction
  • Built in notch for stripping wire and straps
  • Ergonomically designed handle
  • Lanyard eyelet for tethering
  • Quick fold action
  • Notched thumb rest for enhanced grip
  • Sturdy Belt Hook on reverse
  • Tool free blade change

Supplied With:

1 x Folding Knife
3 x Replaceable Blades