Ox Pro Tough 15ltr Bucket

Limited Stock - Please call to order

Ox Pro Tough 15ltr Bucket is available off the shelf or for delivery from Pure Clean Rental Solutions.

  • Extremely durable design
  • 15l capacity
  • Weather resistant
  • Manufactured with a high rubber content which allows the material to bend and flex rather than split and crack.
  • Easy to clean, maintain and keep hygienic
  • Sturdy wire handle with comfort grip
  • Ideal uses: mixing, pouring liquid, transporting waste and rubbish
  • The toughest bucket you'll ever use
  • Pouring spout for accurate dispensing of liquids
  • Internal fill markings for accurate measurements of liquids and powders
We offer a large range of Ox products with new items added on a regular basis - all of which are available for collection, fast free local delivery or full UK shipping.