Ox Wood Circular Saw Blade 305mm x 3.0 x 30 x 96T


305 x 30 x 96T Wood Cutting Circular Saw Blade

The OX Wood Circular Saw Blade is a revolutionary, high-quality blade. Together with the correct power tool this accessory would mostly be used by trade professionals and some home DIY users. The OX Wood Blade is a long-lasting blade that is designed for a professional finish. With its Alternate Top Bevel (ATB) tooth configuration, these blades are designed for the pro tradesperson. ATB means that the teeth alternative between right-and left-hand bevel/slope, resulting in a smoother cut when crosscutting natural woods and veneered plywood. They are made of tougher than standard Carbide that stays sharp longer. Supplied as a single unit.

Features and Benefits:

  • Reamed Bore – Ensures Precision fit to spindle.
  • Expansion Slots – Allows the steel to expand and contract without warping.
  • Embedded tungsten tip – Incredibly hard and impact resistant.


Diameter - 305mm
Bore - 30mm
Teeth - 96
Kerf - 3.0
Plate - 2.0
Type - ATB

Supplied With:

1x OX Wood Cutting Circular Saw Blade 305 x 30 x 96T
1x Reducing Bushes 30x20mm and 30x16mm