Raimondi RLS VITE Xpress Tool for levelling system


Available to purchase online or in store from Pure Clean Rental Solutions. The Raimondi RLS VITE Xpress tool is intended for use with the RLS VITE caps . The Xpress tool was designed to further improve the speed of the RLS VITE system. The Xpress tool fits in all cordless drills and allows you to screw the caps into position much faster than by hand.

The RLS system is a must have for any installation.
The levelling kit speeds up installation and brings a higher standard of finish to any porcelain installation. The kit comprises of 100 reusable VITE caps, 300 VITE clips and 200 5mm '+' spacers. The clips are placed in the joints between porcelain tiles. The caps are then screwed down to bring both tiles to the same level as each other which reduces lippage across the tiles. Once the adhesive / mortar has set the caps are removed with a mallet or a good kick which breaks off the clip and allows you to re use the caps.

See the system in action below :