Round Head Nails - Galvanised


Try these multi-purpose nails for your next building and framing project. You'll find that the robust construction of the nails ensures ease of use when working with both hardwood and softwood.

The round nails are galvanised to achieve superior corrosion resistance, which means you can use them for indoor and outdoor joinery applications. The diamond-shaped point helps the nail penetrate through wood without splitting or bending. It's recommended that you drill a pilot hole first if you're using it on hardwood.

Nails like these are commonly used for fencing, pinning down artificial grass, fixing roof battens to trusses and other general home and industrial applications. These nails are supplied in a bag so you can stow them away safely after use.

Multi-purpose.  Finish: Galvanised.  Suitable for both soft and hard wood.  Used in many joinery and construction applications. Galvanised for increased durability.