White De-icing Salt


Here at Pure Clean Rental Solutions we offer a range of winter products. White De-icing  Salt is available from us, delivered direct to you using our in house transport. Available in Bulk Bags, 20kg bags, by the pallet and even bulk loose loads. Prices online are for bulk bags, 20kg bags and single pallets. If you require bulk loose loads please contact us for the best possible rates. With fast free local delivery around the Manchester area as standard. Full UK Delivery is also available. Our free delivery area includes Stockport, Manchester, Wilmslow, Glossop, Oldham, Wigan, Bolton, Bury, Marple and the High Peak area. 

Our white de-icing salt is ideal to keep your driveways pedestrian areas, parking spaces, schools, workplaces, pubs and shops clear from potentially dangerous ice and snow build up. Brown Rock Salt can be purchased HERE.

Positives of White De-icing Salt

- No leftover residue
- Great for all areas
-White De-icing Salt melts snow and ice quicker than Brown Rock Salt
- White de-icing salt is sourced from renewable sources

Negative of Brown Rock Salt

- Slightly more expensive than Brown Rock Salt

How much rock salt do you need?




Frost & Ice

0°C to -5°C

10-20 Grams per m²

Frost & Ice

Below  -5°C

20-30 Grams per m²


0°C to -5°C

25-40 Grams per m²

Frost & Ice

Below  -5°C

40-50 Grams per m²